Verizon Eats AT&T’s iPad Leftovers

So Verizon Wireless finally has gotten its hands on something Apple-created. The nations largest wireless carrier at last will sell the iPad, as of Oct. 28.

The tablet computer will be available through Verizon Wireless retail stores.

Of course, this iPad will only accommodate Wi-Fi Internet access, since Apples 3G chip doesnt work with Verizons CDMA network. Verizons consolation prize is to offer a Verizon MiFi 2200 portable hot spot with its iPads, with package prices starting at $630, for the 16GB iPad plus MiFi, and going up to $830 for the 64GB iPad plus MiFi.

But mobile rival AT&T Inc. made sure to get its own punch in, the same day that Verizon likely thought it had a coup. Alas, Verizon, nope. AT&T announced on Thursday itll start selling the Wi-Fi and 3G edition of the Apple iPad, through its retail stores.

The Verizon and AT&T news is nothing but good for Apple, which even has big box stores Target and Walmart pushing the iPad. For AT&T, though, the expansion through Verizon means the loss of its exclusive grip on Apple mobile devices in the United States. Could this mean the iPhone really is coming to Verizon?

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