Verizon iPhone? Carriers Network Is Ready, Says New Report But Is It?

Android users chew up more data than iPhone users, eh? Does that show Verizons wireless network is all set to go for the iPhone, or raise concerns that millions of new smartphone users will weigh it down?

Validas and Majestic Research released a report this week saying the average Android user on Verizon is using more megabytes of data each month than the average AT&T iPhone user. It suggests that this means Verizon can handle the huge influx of traffic that the iPhone would bring.

But why? Sure, Verizons network has a much better reputation than AT&Ts, which has taken a public-perception beating over the past couple of years as customers in many regions have had to deal with dropped calls and slow or frozen data downloads. But if Android owners are already downloading more data per user, wont the introduction of the iPhone threaten to cause the same problems for Big Red as it has for AT&T?  Unless Verizons network is really that much better.

Of course, Verizon has had time on its side. Almost no one predicted the incredible impact the amount of data traffic would have on AT&Ts network. An analyst with Technology Business Research told eWeek that Verizon has learned from AT&Ts experience and added millions of Android customers in 2010 with barely a hiccup.” For those waiting more than three years for Apple to offer its beloved device on another carrier, its a trend they hope will continue. Time will tell.

Its widely speculated that the iPhone will make its debut on Verizon in January, as Apple finally attempts to ward off increasing competition from Android.

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