Verizon iPhone, iPhone 5 Wont Be 4G-Capable Report

Just last week a report came along saying the widely rumored Verizon iPhone likely due out in January would be capable of running on the new Verizon Wireless 4G/LTE network. Now were hearing that’s no the case, and even the fifth-generation iPhone anticipated for release next summer wont be LTE-ready.

Seriously?  Apparently so, sources tell website Tech Crunch. The site says when Verizon begins launching its LTE network this fall and AT&T preps its 4G debut for sometime in 2011, theyll do so without a 4G iPhone. Apple is reportedly waiting until 2012 to introduce a 4G device. Instead, the report says, Apples fifth-gen iPhone will be a hybrid GSM/CDMA device that operates on carriers around the globe.

Its interesting news considering there are already a pair of hot-selling 4G phones out there on the Sprint network, and Verizon has announced that it has several ready to debut when it makes the LTE conversion. If this latest report turns out to be true, Apple could be introducing a 4G iPhone two years after the debut of the first 4G phones. Waiting that long would say a lot about the companys confidence in its product.

Of course, its possible that it could take a while for Verizon and AT&Ts LTE networks to really hit their stride, so the delay might not be as significant as some might think.

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