Verizon iPhone Could Be LTE-Capable

If Verizon Wireless really does snag the iPhone by early next year, as new rumors suggest, the CDMA version of the popular Apple smartphone could be LTE-capable.

Indeed, Verizon stands to become the first LTE operator in the United States its launching LTE service in 38 cities this year as rival AT&T Inc. struggles to get past trials of the same technology. The nations third-largest mobile operator, Sprint Nextel Corp., offers WiMAX-based mobile broadband through devices including the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Fascinate. But Verizon would wow users and analysts and Wall Street, without question if its version of the iPhone ran on the new LTE network.

The Wall Street Journal on Thursday did point out, though, that the initial products for Verizons LTE network will be restricted to aircards and modems. Yet, if Verizon does get a 4G version of the iPhone, AT&T, most of all, will face an even more serious competitive threat. AT&T has taken its lumps for slow 3G service, particularly over the iPhone; if Verizon goes 4G right off the bat, AT&T could lose thousands (dare we say, millions?) of subscribers, even with those high early-termination fees in place.

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