HP Readying New Palm webOS Smartphones

HP has confirmed that youll be seeing new Palm smartphones early next year. The computer giant acquired the PDA originator this past spring, primarily for its webOS, an operating system widely considered to be one of the tops in the industry.

Palms fortunes ran amok in 2009 when the hype leading up to the release of its Pre smartphone fizzled fast upon release, yet the phone retains a fervent fanbase. The company hit some financial stumbling blocks and it took less than a year after the unveiling of the Pre before Palm sold to HP. Confirmation that HP will roll out new webOS phones came from SVP Eric Cador at an industry event in Barcelona this week.

Although not mentioning any phones by name or specifications, theres much speculation that one of the new devices will be the much-discussed phone codenamed Mansion.” Mansion supposedly comes without a physical keyboard, but it will have an 800×480 screen. It was originally thought thanks to a leaked Verizon Wireless device plan this past summer that HP would have a follow-up to the Pre ready sometime this month, but that seems highly unlikely given this new announcement.

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