AT&T, T-Mobile Cell Service Coming to NYC Subways

The millions of people who ride New York Citys subways every day will soon be able to stay connected underground, as long as they are customers of AT&T or T-Mobile.

The carriers have signed 10-year deals to provide wireless access via a network that is being built by Transit Wireless. It means riders will be able to talk and text to their hearts content at subway stations. Without it, youre only able to fire off a text or carry on a brief conversation if youre lucky enough to find one of the few spots where you can get a bar or two on your cell phone.

The Transit Wireless project has been in the works for three years, but only this past summer did the company announce it had the money to build the network, which will serve New Yorks 277 underground subway stations.

Its good news for wireless customers, certainly. But for those who actually find solitude in the subway system, away from people yakking it up with a cell stuck to their ear, the announcement might actually be a bummer.

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