AT&T Ready To Roll Out New Prepaid Options

AT&T GoPhone customers GoPhone is the carriers prepaid mobile service will have a handful of new calling options and price cuts come Sunday.

The Unlimited Daily Talk and Text plan will set you back just $2 per day and customers will pay only on the days the phone is used. The Unlimited Talk and Text monthly plan will be available for up to 200 MB of data, and a new Simple Rate plan will allow you to pay by the minute with a lower rate of 10 cents per minute.          

AT&T says the Unlimited Daily Talk and Text plan allows GoPhone customers to enjoy the flexibility of unlimited calling and texting with the $2 rate plan charge only applying on days when they make or receive voice calls, use IM or send a text, picture or video message. Customers can now enjoy unlimited texting in a pay-only-on-days-used plan, making it what the carrier calls a convenient and affordable option for customers who prefer to pay as you go.

GoPhone Customers interested in paying by the month can talk and text all they want for just $60 a month with the Unlimited Talk & Text plan. GoPhone customers get the mobile Internet with the Unlimited Talk and Text plus 200 MB data plan for $75 per month.

AT&T GoPhone unlimited plans include nationwide calling and texting, as well as texting to Mexico, Canada and more than 100 countries worldwide.

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