WebConCentral Unveils PartnerFlex

Under its new PartnerFlex Conferencing Program, Web Conferencing Central, Newport Beach, Calif., is offering indirect sales agents revenue from a new Web conferencing solution, which offers screen sharing its makers claim is the easiest and fastest, and which is lauded in independent tests.

According to WebConCentral President Kevin Nelson, the application enables users to share their full computer screens or single applications. It also allows them to transfer control of the session to another user, enables remote access to other computers for help desk applications and supports polling and surveys and pre-registration of attendees for webinar applications.

Unlike other offerings, Nelson said WebConCentral’s application provides a co-browsing function, which allows the presenter to visit any website and take the attendees with him/her. The attendees will be on the same page, but also have the ability to browse independently.  The solution’s recording feature provides a voice and visual copy of the presentation.  Upcoming features include video of the presenter while sharing, Nelson added.

Outsource Testing Inc. positively reviewed WebConCentral’s solution: “To put it in the most basic of terms, the WebConCentral application simply works. Everything from the installation, to the actual meeting space works surprisingly well. The application is very intuitive to the point where just about any user can run it independently with a high level of confidence.”

WebConCentral launched its PartnerFlex Conferencing Program in May, and Nelson said there are a few partners selling the solution, including A+ Conferencing, which offers the service under its own brand.

The WebConCentral app can be branded to virtually any URL, Nelson said, adding that setup time is minimal; within hours a fully branded version can be ready for partners to use. Under the PartnerFlex Conferencing Program, partners set their own rates, determine their own margins and bill their customers. They can download fully-detailed usage files into Excel for billing. They have flexible pricing options by the minute, by flat-rate per meeting host and by capacity over the entire account.

“The admin panel that a partner is given allows them to set up users/customers with all the details needed including a trial/demo account, a demo account that auto-upgrades to paid at a certain time, a flat rate with any quantity of attendee capacity and per-minute accounts,” said Nelson.

In addition, partners can add teleconferencing numbers from any service provider. “When they setup an account, they can add any teleconferencing numbers they wish,” said Nelson. If a partner is not currently working with a conferencing services provider, WebConCentral can provide the service wholesale.

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