Verizon Wireless Tiered Pricing Plan Schedule Lines Up With iPhone Talk

After months of will they or wont they?” Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg acknowledged today that Verizon Wireless will roll out tiered pricing plans sometime after the first of the year as data traffic continues to grow.

More specifically, he told a conference in New York City this morning, it will happen in the next four to six months as the company begins an extensive rollout of its new 4G network. He broached the subject of an iPhone for Verizon, saying “we’d love to have it,” but played coy beyond that, telling reporters that he couldn’t speak for Apple. Much speculation has been swirling around the release of Apples darling for Verizon in January, which would hugely increase data traffic on the carriers wireless network and subsequently increase the need for tiered pricing plans like AT&T adopted earlier this year.

Verizon is using long-term evolution technology (LTE) for its 4G network, which has actually been up and running in 30 markets since June, but the carrier hasnt released any 4G mobile phones just yet. The network will be available for customers to use by the end of 2010, Seidenberg said. Sprints 4G network got going earlier this year and now has a couple of phones to match, while MetroPCS just announced a new Samsung phone to run on its new 4G network. AT&T has 4G LTE plans slated for next summer.

Tiered pricing plans charge customers based on the amount of data they use. Verizon Wireless has offered unlimited plans up to this point, but those now appear to be on their way out.

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