AT&T Workers Lose Jobs 2 Weeks After New Union Contract

Less than two weeks after officially coming to terms with its union workers in Connecticut, AT&T says its cutting 150 jobs in the Constitution State. The new contract requires the carrier to offer the employees other positions in Connecticut it was a sticking point that kept the two sides in difficult bargaining talks for a year and a half.

The job cuts include call-center workers and landline repairmen, which is not unusual in a climate where so many people are ditching their home phones for cell phones.

While the workers get offered new jobs with the company, the contract doesnt protect their pay. The union says oftentimes the new jobs pay less money.

Connecticuts attorney general is asking his states Department of Public Utility Control to prevent the layoffs because hes concerned customer service will take a hit. Just a year ago, he made a similar argument but his plea was rejected. AT&T argued that it was meeting service standards despite being fined more than $1 million.

In a statement, an AT&T spokesman said the cuts are necessary due to the drop in number of landlines, but the carrier remains committed to its customers, the Hartford Courant reported.

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