NetCarrier Rolls Out New FiberFlex Product

CHANNEL PARTNERS NetCarrier (Booth #3026) announced at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo the rollout of its newest product FiberFlex.

NetCarrier says FiberFlex is a complete fiber last-mile service available at speeds up to 1Gb/sec. This product will initially be available in nearly every central office in LATAs 228, 224, 222 and LATA 220 with the other areas of the companys network not far behind. FiberFlex is currently a data-only product, available at speeds starting at 5Mb and topping out at 1Gb/sec.

In the very near future, FiberFlex will be integrated with NetCarriers existing Teleflex services, and more importantly, with NetCarrier’s MPLS product set. FiberFlex is the next generation of T1 service, with the most important aspect being scalability: Unlike T-1s, bonding and long installation intervals are not needed to achieve bandwidth upgrades. Bandwidth can be dialed up or down virtually on-command, and higher bandwidth speeds are available at more cost-effective rates than bonded T-1s, according to NetCarrier.

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