Motorola Debuts Mobile Computing Devices with Dual 3G WAN Support

Motorola has debuted two new rugged mobile computing devices that make it easier for mobile employees to access applications in the field.

The MC65 is an enterprise handheld mobile computer that can maximize productivity for field and knowledge workers, while the MC959B is a premium-class device also enabled for enterprise users to streamline and error-proof processes in the field, said Steve Schmidt, senior director of product management at Motorola.

The MC65 is a crossover device it is truly rugged but its also suitable for knowledge workers and has a robustness that redefines productivity for mobile field workers,” he said. The MC959B is at the highest end of our line. It is super-rugged elegance in a larger form factor and focused on industrial task workers logistics, transportation, proof of delivery, field service those applications where enterprise customers cannot compromise rugged design with the cost of ownership.”

The MC65 offers users the ability to access business applications and perform data capture, in addition to calling, e-mail and text messages. The MC959B, meanwhile, is a data-only device that is designed more for field employees that perform a lot of data capture such as signature scanning and barcode reading, and who work in large territories with coverage areas that may be best served by different cellular networks.

Whats most compelling about these devices, Schmidt said, was the ability to support dual 3G networks.

Having the flexibility of dual 3G WAN support makes the upfront buying decision easier. Plus, the entire suite is all software-configurable in the field, so users can use the user interface to switch from one network technology and carrier to another,” he said. It really is bringing the transformative power of mobility to the enterprise.”

Motorola also is working on formal agreements with network service providers to offer the devices through the channel, which Schmidt said could take place in the next 30 to 60 days. Stay tuned the network service providers are an important route to market for enterprise field mobility,” he said.

Both devices are currently shipping. The MC65 carries a list price of $2,295, while the MC959B is priced at $3,295.

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