Star2Star Bucks Trend, Reviewed Well by Customers

CHANNEL PARTNERS Star2Star Communications (Booth #4013) announced at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo that the company received exceptionally high scores in a recent Supplier Performance Review conducted by Dun & Bradstreets Supply Risk Management division. Star2Star is proud to be setting itself apart in an otherwise stagnant industry with increasingly disgruntled customers.

The D&B Past Performance review was initiated by a government agency as a part of the GSA Schedule qualification process. D&B was given Star2Stars master customer list containing the names of tens of thousands of Star2Star customers. D&B chose the survey participants with no input from Star2Star.

While you would expect telecom customers to be generally frustrated with their voice provider, this survey showed that Star2Star customers were very pleased with the service. On a scale of 0 to 100, Star2Star received scores in the 90+ percentile for all of the rating categories, including Responsiveness (91 percent), Customer Support (92 percent), Quality (92 percent), Delivery / Timeliness (93 percent), Business Relations (93 percent), Reliability (94 percent), Cost (95 percent), Order Accuracy (94 percent) and Personnel (94 percent).

We have a unique end-to-end architecture that provides a level of quality and reliability not possible in other solutions,” said Joe Rhem, president and CTO. That, together with a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction, sets us apart in the telecom industry. These are the factors, I believe, that led to these high ratings by our customers. We take steps that, as far as we are aware, no other telecom provider takes to ensure that our systems are the more reliable than even the copper phone network that has been in place for the past 100 years.”

Star2Stars unique end-to-end architecture maintains a business grade call quality that rivals any traditional phone solution on the market today. Star2Star claims to be the only voice provider that offers a complete solution, including an IP PBX, phones and business grade Internet phone service. By taking responsibility for the entire call path, Star2Star can control quality and monitor reliability, using patent pending technology.

The Star2Star system monitors each customers PBX, Internet connection, and phones 24 hours a day. If the system detects a problem, it automatically opens a trouble ticket with Star2Star customer support. In the event of a PBX, AC power, or Internet connection failure, Star2Star will automatically failover calls to the companys data center, where calls can be forwarded to cell phones or other off-premise lines.

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