Energent Expands Energy Portfolio with DSM

CHANNEL PARTNERS Energent (Booth #3000), the energy division of Commerce Consulting Corporation (CCC) and sister to World Telecom Group (WTG) (Booth #2023), is announcing at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo that it has added Demand Side Management (DSM) to its portfolio of energy services. Energent, which stands for “Energy for Agents,” focuses on customers needs to cut costs during these difficult economic times while offering Agent Partners a new and growing profit center. It is also an excellent up sell opportunity for the telecom agent, the company said.

DSM covers energy efficiency (retrofitting), demand response (DR) and distributed generation. DR generally refers to mechanisms used to encourage consumers to reduce demand, thereby reducing their peak demand for energy. Distributed generation allows customers to generate their own energy onsite through solar, wind or other small energy sources. DSM offerings are available in all states which makes this a value add for all Agent Partners.  Energy audits/retrofits, demand response and onsite energy production can off set energy use and the customer’s dependency on the utility companies.

DSM projects are similar to a VAR selling equipment. Agent Partners have the potential to receive large upfront compensation based upon the total cost of the project while Energent manages the entire process from beginning to end.

“We see DSM as the Third Dimension of Energy,” said Energent Agent Sales Manager Tyler Price. Products like Equipment Retrofitting (lighting systems and HVAC), Demand Response and Distributed Generation take customer relationships to the next level. This takes energy sales from just selling electricity and natural gas to dramatically increasing customer retention.”

The most recent provider addition to Energent’s DSM portfolio is Eco-Motion. Their services are available to all Partners in all states. Initial consultation can be offered to Agent Partners to confirm whether the customer is a good prospect for solar installation.

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