AT&T To Showcase Mobile Business Apps

CHANNEL PARTNERS AT&T Inc. (Booth #3028) will be showcasing its mobile business applications at the Fall 2010 Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

These apps, the carrier said in a press statement, are for those smartphone users that are not interested in updating their FaceBook status, but want their phones to be an extension of their businesses helping them keep track of inventory, manage a fleet of trucks or process credit card payments.

AT&T offers mobile applications for businesses, such as its Xora and TeleNav Track applications, which allow businesses keep an eye on your fleet of vehicles making sure that drivers get to customers in the most direct route available, cutting down on unnecessary travel time, saving fuel costs and allowing field reps to see more customers in a day.

The Aprivia Pay application gives mobile technicians the option to electronically collect credit card information from customers and process payments on the spot, cutting down the accounts receivable cycle time. ProntoForms offers employees the ability to electronically fill out paperwork and transmitting it back to the home office instead of waiting for faxed order forms or deciphering messy handwriting. Placing orders faster means faster fulfillment, happier customers and speedier payment, the company said.

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