2020 ComWare Unveils Personal OSS Solution for Agents

CHANNEL PARTNERS 2020 ComWare has released a new version of its Sophia online management tool that functions as an operations support system (OSS) for agents. The company will debut the new product at McGraw Communications booth (#2013) at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

Sophia v2 allows agents to input data and information from their service providers, place and track orders, perform inventory management, upload spreadsheets, pull financial reports and check service details such as circuit ID and IP addresses, signaling protocol and all relevant network information. It can be licensed as a standalone product or as a front-end to an existing back-office system via application programming interface (API), giving agents and their enterprise customers a portal from which they can quickly and easily identify services and related charges from any number of carriers and locations, track the provisioning process, issue and monitor trouble tickets and manage vendor contracts (providers, expiration, commitment).  

This latest version builds on a product that already has been embraced by agents and their enterprise customers,” said Clari Garcia, managing director of 2020 ComWare. It opens up an entirely new universe, essentially performing as a personal OSS system.”

Dominick Callandriello, a principal with telecom agency Clover Communications, has utilized Sophia for over a year and looks forward to getting started with the new version because he thinks it will help him close and better manage more multi-location customers.

Keeping track of multiple providers, adds, moves and changes, disconnects, trouble tickets, invoices, contracts and billing can be overwhelming for multi-location enterprises ,” said Callandriello. Sophia solves all that. Its the most dynamic online management tool Ive ever seen. In fact, many of our larger enterprise customers use it daily. Now Ill be using it daily too.”

Sophia was designed to provide enterprise business stakeholders from IT, finance, procurement and telecom departments a tool that enables them to make wise business decisions easily. Now agents can use the software for the same purpose, configure it to perform as an OSS and even license it to their business customers to earn a commission.

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