Verizons Bringing LTE to 30 Cities, But Will It Also Have 4G Smartphones?

Verizon Wireless says itll have 4G LTE up and running in 30 U.S. cities by the end of this year, but will there be an ample supply of smartphones for the network?

LTE phones are few and far between right now, and none of them operates on the 700MHz frequency Verizons very spectrum. Verizon must be betting that people will use other mobile devices tablet computers, e-readers and the like until more smartphones are available. However, it sounds as though, especially at first, wireless laptop cards will be eating up the faster data rates. That hint comes from enterprise IT managers who held a meeting in Maryland earlier this week where members of the press were present.

The company wont say which so-called NFL cities” are included in the LTE rollout. Heck, it hasnt even announced its 4G smartphone lineup. Verizon Wireless will be competing against Sprint Nextel, the first carrier in the United States to offer 4G smartphones the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G.

Verizon Wireless expects to have LTE services available throughout the country by 2013.

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