GLOBALINX Debuts Eco-Friendly Fax Service Product

CHANNEL PARTNERS VoIP services provider GLOBALINX (Booth #1011 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo) recently introduced an all-new, eco-friendly fax message transmission product designed to offer commercial customers greater cost and time savings.

Calling it a virtual fax machine,” the company says its GLOBALINX Fax service makes it fast and easy to transfer fax information to and from e-mail. It uses a secure, global Internet-based network to convert a message to a digital format and then automatically forward it to the fax number specified. In addition, this eco-friendly product includes these benefits:

  • Secure, easy and instant access to fax communications from any email account
  • Provides virtually unlimited fax capacity and scalability to accommodate any number of users
  • Easy to implement for multiple users, locations & platforms
  • Lowers total cost of ownership of the IT infrastructure
  • Eliminates manual fax procedures, multiple fax servers, software and phone lines

GLOBALINX has created two package options for this product: eFAX Basic ($4.95/month) and eFAX Premium ($19.95/month).

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