CSF Intros for Requesting 855 Toll-Free Numbers

CHANNEL PARTNERS Business customers, carriers, and Resp Orgs are now able to utilize CSFs (Booth #1036 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo) recently introduced process for requesting 855 numbers during the upcoming 855 toll-free code opening.

As part of CSF Corp.s complete portfolio of toll free management solutions, is specially optimized for obtaining 855 numbers during the upcoming code release, which is scheduled for early October 2010. Other CSF toll- free management solutions include 8MS and, which are used to obtain 800, 888, 877and 866 now, and 855 numbers in the future after the code opening.

The 8MS product also performs route optimization, bulk changes, and SMS/800 business intelligence, and is designed for carriers and Resp Orgs currently managing more than 30 percent of the toll free numbers in the industry.

The FCC will soon open the new 855 toll-free block, making those numbers available for the first time. CSF Corp. says it can give carriers, Resp Orgs, and their customers the best possible chance of getting the 855 toll-free numbers of their choice during this historic event. Carriers may custom-brand and as part of their customer portals. Although no process can guarantee success, working with CSF, the company says, will provide a significant advantage over less-advanced methods of toll-free number acquisition, and at a reasonable fee.

Used effectively during the previous 866 toll-free introduction, our proven and trusted technology interfaces directly with the FCC mandated SMS/800 database to request numbers for our customers,” said Steve Levinn, founder and president of CSF. At code opening, CSFs 8MS platform will run specialized algorithms that have been optimized to obtain the specific 855 numbers desired. The 855 toll-free numbers that we acquire for our customers will belong to them, may be ported to any carrier of their choice, and will be available for nationwide use. CSF will also provide proof of ownership for each 855 toll free number acquired.”


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