CommVault Offers Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution Aimed at SMBs

Data management software vendor CommVault has developed a disaster recovery solution aimed at the SMB space it says takes the pain out of backing up and retrieving mission-critical apps.

The company has partnered with hosting provider Rackspace for the new Cloud DR all-cloud solution, in which users store data in cloud storage and, in times of crisis, access that data using cloud servers” at the Rackspace facility. The new approach reduces the amount of time wasted retrieving data from stored tapes or bandwidth issues that can arise from moving loads of data across the WAN back into the corporate infrastructure.

In the SMB space, the best alternative in disaster recovery was dumping the backups to tape and sending those tapes to a vault. But when you have a disaster strike and youre waiting for tapes to come back from the vault, a company could be waiting for days to get back on their feet,” said Jeff Echols, senior director of cloud strategy and alliances at CommVault. But with the cloud, a company could recover data into these cloud servers from cloud storage in the Rackspace data center using the internal networking of Rackspaces data center and a company could literally be back up in hours vs. days.”

The SMB space has never before had a solution such as this because the concept of using cloud storage in tandem with cloud servers had never before been considered. CommVaults Simpana software platform, however, is designed to enable companies to move data natively in and out of the cloud, and when used in tandem with the Rackspace Cloud Files and Cloud Servers offerings, provides a solution that addresses both bandwidth issues and cost.

SMB customers have requested such a service, Echols noted. I was literally on e-mail last night with our sales force asking for this kind of solution because they were being asked for it by their customers,” he said.

CommVaults channel partners can resell Cloud DR as a service to deliver hosted, off-premise solutions to their customers without investment in additional infrastructure and resources. Its now a cloud service they can lump on top of the CommVault offerings,” Echols said.

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