Wal-Mart Intros Dirt-Cheap Unlimited Family Plan

Wal-mart, which seems to have its hands in every product you could possibly buy, is trying to undercut just about everyone else in the wireless biz with a new $45 unlimited talk and text plan.

But its not a prepaid plan. The retail giant says you dont have to pony up the cash up-front, and Wal-mart Family Mobile requires no contract. Each extra line will cost you $25 per month and itll cost you extra to surf the Web, download apps, get ringtones, etc. But if you dont have a smartphone, Wal-mart thinks it will be able to reel you in. Look for the new plan on Sept. 20.

Wal-mart already has a reseller agreement with Verizon Wireless, which it sells under the Straight Talk brand; and while that pairing also offers a $45 unlimited plan, its prepaid. This new plan is part of deal struck between Wal-mart and T-Mobile.

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