New Video Platform Company, Burstpoint, Focused on the Channel

BurstPoint Networks has introduced a single solution for companies wanting to create, deploy and distribute high-quality, live streaming or stored HD video content.

The company, which has been in semi-stealth mode for about three months, is new on the scene with its BurstPoint Video Communication Platform and its channel-only sales model. Its goal is to provide the channel with complementary technology to existing videoconferencing systems as well as an easy way for customers to offer video either in-house or outside the corporate walls.

When looking at companies in the SMB and enterprise space and how they want to communicate, video is becoming more prevalent,” said Tom Racca, president and CEO at BurstPoint. There are three basic elements to video  creation and capture, editing and publishing, and distribution. Our technology is a front-end platform that does the whole bit.”

VCP essentially enables a company to create video in-house, import professionally created video and send it out live, or encode it for streaming, as well as capture videoconferences, including the audio and any data included such as PowerPoint presentations, to send out either live or streamed. The content is delivered to a users desktop via the BurstPoint VCP Manager, an appliance-based solution that users would log into to view the content. Links to certain content could also be e-mailed, or content could also be viewed as part of a digital signage solution.

Whether you are an HR office that wants to do video-on-demand communications for open enrollment, you can buy a few appliances for less than $30,000 and push it out so people can watch on their PCs,” Racca said. Or, if youre an international company with a bunch of remote offices and you want to push video to all of your remote offices, you can place a master delivery node, which can do 1,500 streams simultaneously, at the corporate headquarters and remote delivery nodes, which can do as few as 50 streams at each remote location. The master delivery node would push one copy of the video over the wide area network to all of the remote delivery nodes. That way, users are accessing the video on the remote delivery node and not dragging down the network trying to access it from the master delivery node.”

The platform also can connect with digital signage systems to provide the ability to break in” for live feeds in case of emergency or other situations, Racca said.

Because it is an IP-based solution, it runs transparently over existing corporate networks, he said.

At the end of the day its all about being able to create content to better communicate with your constituents,” he said. Most companies view video as part of the network, but video communications is an application. Partners now can do into everything from departmental sales to large enterprises with million-dollar-plus engagements.”

BurstPoint already has channel partners in place and is actively recruiting additional partners, Racca said. We continue to look for channel partners that we know have the right coverage areas, verticals and expertise. If you sell videoconferencing systems, you now can go into accounts and tell them they can stream those videoconferences live to a larger audience with the same equipment.”

Partners also could take the platform and offer it as a managed service for their end user customers, Racca noted.

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