KONNECT VoIP Phones Interoperable with Xorcom IP-PBXs

Further positioning open source as a viable option in business communications, Xorcom has rated Aksys Networks KONNECT line of business phones interoperable with Xorcoms Complete PBX IP-PBX line.

Xorcom is a vendor of business telephony interfaces and appliances based on the Asterisk open source software. Asterisk powers IP-PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and other communications systems, and is used by companies of all sizes worldwide. About 50 companies worldwide offer communications technologies based on the Asterisk technology.

Xorcoms all-in-one appliances allow seamless communication using both VoIP and traditional telephony protocols. The Xorcom IP-PBX line supports all the features of the Asterisk PBX operating system while providing additional benefits such as dual-PBX hot failover and high density of telephony interface combinations in a small footprint, according to the company. The Complete PBX line features a customized user interface to streamline the implementation and enhance the functionality of the communications system.

KONNECT phones are SIP-compliant and feature visual voice mail, call forwarding, call recording and call parking, and provide simple and clear prompts and soft keys. These features, as well as automated provisioning tools, are pre-loaded on Complete PBX, making it a relatively easy install for integrators and installers.

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