Apple Making an AWS-Compliant iPhone for T-Mobile, Others Report

No week is complete without a T-Mobile USA iPhone rumor, it seems. This week, a Vidéotron wireless executive in Canada claimed that Apple is making an iPhone that will work on Vidéotrons AWS 3G spectrum which further happens to be the type of network T-Mobile operates.

The comment came at a press conference announcing the launch of the Vidéotron network, lending hope to users of T-Mobiles 3G service which runs on the 1700MHz and 2100MHz bands that they, too, could perhaps get in on the iPhone craze.

Speculation over a T-Mobile iPhone has run rampant in recent weeks; most recently, reports had it that T-Mobile soon will get the iPhone 3GS.

Ever since AT&T Inc. secured the U.S. iPhone exclusive in 2007, consumers and telecom industry insiders alike have wondered when other carriers will be allowed to offer the worlds (arguably) hottest smartphone. The scuttlebutt has grown more frenzied this year but has yet to come to fruition for key AT&T rival Verizon Wireless, much less T-Mobile.

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