iPad Will Dominate During Holidays and 2011 Analyst

A note from a UBS Investment Research analyst says Apple could sell a whopping 28 million iPads next year as the tablet computer market continues to take off.

In fact, analyst Maynard Um says that number could be a conservative estimate. And the glowing news for Apple just keeps on coming. Um anticipates the iPad, in combination with the new iPhone 4 and iPod upgrades, will make Apple the darling of the holiday shopping season.

Um says the iPad is definitely taking a bite out of low-end notebook PC sales, which is driving competitors to develop their own tablets; however, he doesnt expect the iPad to have any serious challengers for a while.

As far as iPhones go, look for one from Verizon Wireless in January, UBS says. The firm is just the latest to predict Apples exclusive contract with AT&T will come to an end soon.

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