AT&T Workers in Connecticut Approve Contract

Eighteen months of working without a contract are over for AT&T workers in Connecticut. The union has overwhelmingly approved a new deal that was hammered out last month.

Connecticut was the last of the carriers regions to come to terms with the company. While much of the rest of the countrys talks centered on health care benefits, workers in the Constitution State were particularly interested in keeping their jobs from moving elsewhere. The new agreement requires AT&T to keep at least 84 percent of union jobs in Connecticut.

“We hung tough AT&T knew it and finally realized that ‘we’re not going to get these guys to move,” CWA Local 1298 President Bill Henderson said last month when a tentative agreement was reached.

The deal is two separate contracts one for 3,400 core employees and another for almost 200 Yellow-Pages workers. It gives employees pay increases in each of the contracts three years.

The fight in Connecticut was the most contentious. AT&T came to terms with union members in most other regions of the country by the end of last year.

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