Apple Eases App Store Policies Adobe, Adult Apps May Benefit

Apple Inc. on Thursday relaxed its notoriously strict policies governing apps that may be downloaded onto devices including the iPhone and iPad.

Apple didnt explain its change of heart, although it did note in a statement on its Web site that it is continually trying to make the App Store even better. We have listened to our developers and taken much of their feedback to heart.”

The announcement sent shares of Adobe Inc. soaring more than 12 percent, since Apple could start making room for Flash video software on its products. The two companies have been at odds over the Web applications market, with Apples refusal to let developers use Flash-reliant technologies in their apps. Adobe had filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over the matter, and Apples decision to ease up could be related to that request for government intervention.

In terms of marketing, Apples timing couldnt have been much better. The companys App Store is about two years old and already boasts 250,000 apps. That amounts to 324 new apps added to the store every day. Imagine how many more apps it invites with more open policies.

And what does this change mean for Apple apps users? Well, we may see the return of Wobble iBoobs and new tactics from iPorn, much to Steve Jobs chagrin.

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