New Verizon BlackBerry Curve 3G Almost Here

If youre looking to get your hands on the new BlackBerry Curve 3G, and youre not a fan of T-Mobile, it appears you wont have to wait long for a Verizon Wireless offering.

The website CrackBerry got its hands on what it calls a leaked Verizon rebate form that shows the rebate on the Curve 9330 will run out on Oct. 31, clearly meaning its due to hit the streets before then. Its already been announced that the GSM version of the smartphone the 9300 will debut on T-Mobiles network Wednesday.

The screen shot indicates that Verizons 9330 will be available in fuschia and charcoal gray, and will likely start with BlackBerry OS 5.0, but an upgrade should be available soon.

T-Mobiles new Curve will only set you back $80; thus, its one of the less sophisticated RIM phones out there. You get Wi-Fi, a 2-megapixel camera, GPS and microSD card support for up to 32GB. Call it an entry-level BlackBerry its a little smaller than many of the high-end smartphones, and includes an optical trackpad for navigating the screen.

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