Can webOS 2.0 Restore Palms Place in Devices?

Widely considered to be the inventor of the mobile device, Palm struggled with sales of its Pre smartphone last summer and was eventually acquired by HP. But Palms webOS is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry, and probably the biggest reason HP made the purchase.

Now an update, webOS 2.0, is being rolled out to developers in an Early Access Program, who will surely be called upon to offer suggestions for tweaks. And since the new features are thus far just for developers, the actual release to the masses might look different. Theres no release date just yet for the general public, but fans of the original webOS have things to be excited about. The new developer features include:

  • Better multitasking: Expands on the card” scheme by introducing stacking.” That means groups of cards can be kept in related piles to keep you organized.
  • Synergy: allows you to connect directly to Contacts, Calendar, and Messaging for what Palm calls the ultimate in webOS integration
  • Exhibition: Gives new experiences for devices docked on the Palm Touchstone
  • Added HTML5 features give developers more tools to work with when building apps and sites for webOS.
  • You can harness the power of webOS services, rolling your own in JavaScript using Node.js.
  • You can plug C/C++ components into your HTML/JavaScript/CSS apps for more power and easier ports.


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