Verizon iPhone in January? Maybe. T-Mobile Definitely Getting It Report

While all of the attention is focused on Verizon Wireless breaking AT&Ts exclusive stranglehold on the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile might just beat its fellow carrier to the punch, or at least steal some of its thunder.

All signs have pointed to Verizon getting the treasured device in January, but a new report indicates that T-Mobile might share in the spoils. A source tells that the iPhone will definitely be available for T-Mobile,” most likely at the beginning of 2011, which would match up with the rumored Verizon date.

The topic remains the most hotly debated and rumored in the wireless industry. If T-Mobile could actually get the iPhone before Verizon Wireless, it would be a major coup. At the least, it would put the telco in position to overtake Sprint as the No. 3 wireless carrier in the U.S.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that T-Mobile was getting in on the iPhone sweepstakes. In July it was reported that T-Mobile had an 80 percent chance of nabbing the device as early as Sept. 30. While that seems to be a bit of a stretch, a January 2011 timeline is seeming less far-fetched.

T-Mobile really makes more sense as a fit for Apple in terms of technology. T-Mobile operates on GSM, like AT&T does. And T-Mobile hasnt spent millions of dollars bashing the iPhone, like Verizon has.

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