Virgin Mobile Readying Unlimited Mobile Broadband for $40

As many wireless carriers start to or consider doing away with unlimited plans, Virgin Mobile is ready to roll out one of the cheapest prepaid plans in the industry.

Starting Tuesday, youll be able to get unlimited data for a couple of Jacksons per month. The company previously offered three different Broadband2Go plans ranging from $20 to $60 depending on amount of usage. This plan replaces those.

A Virgin Mobile spokesperson told CNET that the carrier will continue to offer its plan that gives infrequent Internet surfers 100MB for 10 days for $10. If youre on one of the $20/$40/$60 plans, youll be prompted to pick a new plan when your month is up.

Subscribers use a modem that plugs into a computers USB port. There is an internal antenna and an optional external antenna for remote locations.

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