Long-Awaited HP webOS Tablet To Be Called PalmPad

Despite its sale to HP, the Palm name isnt going away.

HP has filed a trademark application for a new tablet computer that it will call the PalmPad. Scheduled for release next year, the PalmPad will run on webOS, the operating system originally developed for the Palm Pre. While the Pre has struggled to find its place among the smartphone giants, webOS is generally considered in the industry to be top-notch, and the biggest reason HP shelled out the big bucks for the device maker.

Despite reports to the contrary last month, the Silicon Republic website says work on the PalmPad wont stop HP from releasing a Windows 7-based slate in 2010. That device will offer a built-in camera, video recording, a USB port and an SD card reader none of which are included on the iPad. The HP device, which will have an iPad-like touch-screen display, will also come with Skype already loaded, plus support for Adobe Flash again, features that the iPad lacks. The new tablet will also have Mozilla Firefox installed.

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