Verizon Wireless Tests All-You-Can-Eat Plan for $99

While its been rumored that Verizon Wireless will move away from the unlimited data plans that AT&T has recently dumped, Big Red appears to be going in the opposite direction. With its sights set on Sprints $99 Simply Everything plan, Verizon Wireless is testing its own $99 plan that includes unlimited text, talk and data.

This is a $20 price drop. Verizons standard rate will run you $90 for the Nationwide Talk & Text unlimited plan and another $30 for unlimited data. But the testing, going on at retail outlets in Southern California, cuts the Talk & Text plan to just $70. Of course, a two-year service agreement is required. Both Sprint and T-Mobile offer a similar plan and price.

The plan is only for single lines its not being offered for families. No word yet if the carrier will offer this price nationwide anytime soon.

This is just the latest drop in wireless plan rates from all of the major carriers, who are fighting each others postpaid and prepaid plans, as well as prepaid plans from smaller operators.

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