CA Updates Desktop Manager with Enhanced Support of Virtualized Environments

CA has released the latest version of CA IT Client Manager, its popular enterprise-focused management solution that enables management and deployment of physical and virtualized systems and applications. The new release includes enhanced virtualization platform support as well as more support for migration to Windows 7.

In the application virtualization space, we are seeing lot of customers moving to MVWare or a Microsoft solution,” said Allen Andersen, vice president of product management at CA. Were trying to help manage those apps that are deployed on servers or streamed to the clients through centralized management. Customers want to know, How much do I have deployed? Where is it installed? Do I need to perform updates? This version features much more seamless management of both virtualized and on-premise applications.”

The new version also includes better support for companies as they migrate their Windows-based systems to Windows 7, either from Vista or XP,” Andersen said. We see more people wanting to get off Vista to Windows 7 than XP to Windows 7. Either way, this Client Manager takes all the files, setting, configurations, etc., and migrates them seamlessly. Most important, it makes sure file dates are the same for encrypted files from a compliance perspective that is important.”

Version 12.5 also includes support for up-and-coming technology features such as workpaces, in which a persons desktop interface changes dynamically depending on his or her location, device or other parameters.

We focused on laying a foundation for what we think is coming next, and we strongly believe that the way desktop service is being delivered now is likely going to change. We feel a lot of technologies available now around virtualization will enable workspaces, and we are enhancing the technology now to support workspaces,” Andersen said.

CA IT Client Manager r12.5 also features green IT analytics to help companies optimize power management and settings for each of its different devices on the network, from PCs to printers. It also can set timers automatic shutdown of monitors and hard drives.

There are lots of people who dont even turn off their machine at night,” Andersen said.

The new version is available now as an upgrade for existing users who have a maintenance plan.

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