Google Android Hammers Apple, BlackBerry, Becomes No. 1 Mobile OS in U.S. Report

Googles mobile operating system, Android, now ranks as the third-most popular in the world, according to new statistics from research firm Gartner Inc., and No. 1 in the United States.

On a global scale, that means Android overtook Apples iPhone OS during the second quarter, coming in behind Research In Motions BlackBerry and Nokias Symbian platforms.

But in the United States, Android reigns supreme. Gartner said Android surpassed BlackBerrys software to become the most-used mobile OS in America. And, in a way, Google has chief rival Apple to thank for that momentum. Thats because Google, unlike Apple, does not employ an exclusive carrier strategy for its Android-based devices. Thus, with more companies such as HTC, Motorola and others bringing more attractive devices to market at several different price points,” as Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner, put it, Google can expect continued growth.

Overall, smartphone sales leaped in the three months ended June 30, Gartner found. End users bought 61.6 million units, marking a 50.5 percent jump from the same period in 2009.

In terms of mobile devices including smartphones people worldwide purchased 325.6 million units; that was a 13.8 percent increase from the year-ago quarter. Nokia remained the mobile-devices leader, despite its troubles hanging on to the top spot in the high-end sector the company lost 2.6 percentage points on that aspect, news that comes as no secret as it struggles to produce an iPhone rival

Nokia was followed by Samsung, LG and Research In Motion. Sony Ericsson came in fifth, while Motorola slipped into sixth place, with Apple, HTC, GFive and others trailing.

Gartners data compare closely to a recent, similar report from Canalys, which found Googles Android to be sitting on the brink of smartphone domination.

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