Palm Pre, Android Phones Get OS Upgrades

Its a good bet youll be getting an update to your smartphones operating system today or in the very near future.

Despite a delay, Verizon Wireless is offering Froyo Android 2.2 to most of its Android customers today. The upgraded OS was set to make its widespread debut last week, but the carrier delayed the launch after a select user group tested it. No doubt there were some bugs to work out. Youll be notified when your update is available.

Similar story for owners of the HTC Evo on the Sprint network. Just access the settings menu on your phone to download your update, known as version 3.26.561.6.

And how about the much-maligned Palm Pre? The Pre and the Pixi on the Sprint network are getting updates to webOS, in the form of version 1.4.5. Its supposed to offer some minor improvements to features and fix some small glitches, including download errors. No word yet when AT&T or Verizon Wireless versions of the webOS update will become available.

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