Asigra, 6fusion Team to Provide Backup in the Cloud

6fusion and Asigra have joined forces to create a backup and recovery solution in the cloud for MSPs.

The IaaS provider is working with Asigra to pair the Asigra Cloud Backup with 6fusions UC6 platform, creating a turnkey cloud solution designed specifically for the managed services crowd. Under the agreement, managed service providers reselling Asigra technology will be able to utilize 6fusions infrastructure to host their Asigra solution, paying only for the space their clients use. This approach saves MSPs time and money, enabling them to offer backup and recovery in the cloud without a large capital expenditure or lost time spent building out an infrastructure to support such a service.

The 6fusion UC6 platform can be deployed as a private cloud at the customers premises or as a public cloud, and then integrated with Asigra Cloud Backup. The Asigra technology can be used in private cloud or public cloud settings, or a hybrid of the two.

UC6 enables MSPs to tap into the utility, build servers and scale applications internally or externally from a single console over the Internet, according to 6fusion. The company has federated data centers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

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