AT&T Sued by Police Chief Over Suspected Love Affair

A police chief in a small Pennsylvania town is suing AT&T Mobility for releasing his phone records to his wife. Garold Ray Millers suit is being heard in federal court.

Miller, the police chief in Industry, Penn., a city near the Ohio border, claims AT&T gave his wife information about his phone calls when she became suspicious he was having an affair.

It all started two years ago when Millers wife confronted him about communicating with another woman on his work cell phone, which he denied. The complaint says Mrs. Miller wasnt satisfied with her husbands denial, so she called AT&T and got the records. It turns out Miller was communicating with the woman an old flame from high school but he says he was only talking to her in regard to a criminal investigation. Miller says he initially denied it because he didnt want to alarm his wife.

After a night of drinks, the suit says, Millers wife became violently ill, confessing that she had been troubled by her suspicions.”

Not only does Mr. Miller contend that releasing the information was an invasion of his privacy, its additionally disconcerting because his cell phone records could contain sensitive information critical to criminal investigations.

Miller is suing AT&T for psychological pain and suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, damage to his reputation, and even self-revulsion.

AT&T wouldnt comment specifically on this case to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but said it values its customers and takes its obligation to protect customer data very seriously.”

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