Motorola Launching Android Tablet Analyst

It appears that Motorola will jump into the tablet-computer fray with the release of a new device later this year that runs on Android 3.0.

Analyst Ashok Kumar claims hes talked with insiders who say the new slate will have a 10-inch screen and go on sale in November.

Motorola has had success with its line of Droid smartphones for Verizon Wireless, including the original Droid, the Droid X and the upcoming Droid 2, a follow-up to the original phone. So a tablet seems to be a logical next step for the company.

Motorola hasnt made an official announcement about the device, but the companys CEO made it known earlier this year that hes interested in Android-based tablets. Moto also participated in a joint project at this years Consumer Electronics Show, where the company provided hardware for a 7-inch tablet.

So far, no one has come close to matching the fanfare Apple received when it released its iPad tablet this past spring. Maybe Motorolas will be the first Android device to give Apple a real run for its money.

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