AT&T Joins Wal-Marts Prepaid Offering

Wal-Mart announced this week that its Straight Talk prepaid wireless service is opening up to phones that run on AT&Ts wireless network. Up until now, Wal-Marts service has only been open to phones on the Verizon Wireless network.

Its a sign that Wal-Marts venture into prepaid has been a success. The retail giant is just one of many that have started getting into wireless in the past couple of years, but the stores mass appeal might give it an edge over electronics-sellers RadioShack and Best Buy.

The news isnt so hot for Verizon Wireless, which will now have to share some of the spoils. The carrier recently announced that its added almost 900,000 new customers via its wholesale partners, of which Wal-Mart contributes the most.

Tracfone Wireless, Americas most successful prepaid provider, operates Straight Talk.

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