Apple Loses Jailbreak Fight But Wont Warranty Hacked iPhones

Its official. Even though Apple Inc. thinks it should control the applications you use on its iPhone, federal regulators disagree and now say there never was a legal precedent for Apples restrictions.

This week, the Library of Congress and the Copyright Office revamped the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove so-called jailbreaking” as an offense. Apple approves every single one of the apps that runs on its popular iPhone, an approach thats referred to as a walled garden. But some users unlock the iPhone operating system so they can download apps Apple hasnt approved.

Mondays decision doesnt force Apple or other smartphone developers to allow jailbreaking. It does, however, make it lawful for users to go around hacking controls and install apps of their choice.

The ruling does not apply to the iPad just smartphones. And Apple says it wont change its warranty policies because of the move. If jailbreaking causes your iPhone to act up or stop working, Apple wont replace the device.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation was one of the groups pressing for a change to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which government officials review every three years.

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