Apple iPhone Users: AT&T Is Just Fine, Thank You

Just about everything you read bashes AT&T for its wireless service. But the company is focusing on a stat that shows some of its most important critics, Apple iPhone users, think AT&T service is A-OK.

The iPhone is the crown jewel in AT&Ts smartphone collection, but its also been a source of frustration for the carrier, which has taken abuse in the blogosphere and in Verizon Wireless commercials for dropped calls and other service-related problems.

But AT&T can breathe a little easier after the release of a new survey from Yankee Group. An overwhelming majority 73 percent of iPhone owners polled said they were very satisfied” with AT&Ts service. That number is comparable to opinions of other carriers taken in the survey and also lines up with how non-iPhone users perceive AT&T.

Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe, according to CNN Money, says theres a simple reason why AT&Ts consumer-opinion rating hasnt dropped that much. Despite recent problems associated with its antenna and a shortage of devices upon release, the iPhone has such a stellar reputation that its rubbing off on AT&T.

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