Verizon, AT&T Service Knocked Out in NYC

Verizon says an equipment failure is responsible for taking down part of its network in New York City Monday. The same failure also impacted AT&T Wireless service for people in part of Manhattan.

Weather is to blame. Thunderstorms have been wreaking their havoc on the area in the past few days. One of them took out a box that directs network traffic. Company technicians expected to have service restored by about 4:30 ET.

Although it primarily affected only a small area between 20th and 40th Street and between Fifth Avenue and the city’s east side you can only imagine how many people that impacted.

Dont expect this to be take much of a toll on Verizons reputation in the Big Apple, where it is generally known for good service. AT&T, on the other hand, is in the process of upgrading its wireless network in New York, where dropped-call issues involving Apples iPhone have been nagging at the carrier for some time.

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