Verizon iPhone Passé: How About an Apple/T-Mobile Pairing?

If youve heard that iPhone-is-coming-to-Verizon rumor too many million times, how about this? T-Mobile might be lining up to be the second major U.S. carrier to sell Apples jewel.

Thats according to the site Cult of Mac, which quotes a highly placed source” at T-Mobile, saying that talks have advanced and the chances of T-Mobile nabbing the iPhone are about 80, yes, 80 percent  not next year, not in 2012, not at the end of time but actually in Q3.  Yes, thats now or before September 30.

Is this rumor more believable than all of those Verizon-iPhone rumors? Hard to say, because of course, the source refuses to be quoted and neither T-Mobile or Apple are saying anything official.

Weve heard many things over the past several months about how long the Apple-AT&T contract is supposed to last; how an Asian manufacturer is prepping for a CDMA iPhone; how Santa and his elves are on the cusp of delivering a non-AT&T iPhone; etc., etc. etc.

T-Mobile might be a better fit for Apple in terms of technology. Although its just the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., T-Mobile operates on GSM, like AT&T does. And T-Mobile hasnt spent millions of dollars bashing the iPhone, like Verizon has. Analysts from both Kaufman Brothers and Thomas Weisel have both said T-Mobile would be the best new corporate partner for Apple, based on these factors. So there is some backing in the industry for such an idea.

The CEO of T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telekom wants the iPhone, having previously said T-Mobile is hoping” to sell it later this year or next.

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