snom Phones Interoperable With Zultys IP-PBX, UC

VoIP phone manufacturer snom technology AG says its full suite of IP desktop phones has passed a battery of interoperability tests with IP-PBX and unified communications system maker Zultys. The tests include the snom 3xx and snom 8xx desktop phones, as well as the snom m3 wireless DECT phone, which supported full interoperability with Zultys’ MX250 and MX30 IP-PBX platforms.

The interoperability of the two product suites, both of which are founded on the global SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Open Standard, gives customers a broader range of options when choosing an IP telephony system that enables a suite of business- and productivity-enhancing applications, from simple voice services to integrated unified communications systems.

“Like snom, Zultys has built its product suite on the promise of interoperability in SIP environments,” said Dr. Michael Knieling, executive VP of Marketing and Sales for snom. “This premise has seen the company gain a strong following on an international level, particularly in North America and Europe. We think Zultys provides our customers and resellers a great IP-PBX option.”

Zultys’ MX250 and MX30 provide end-users with what the company calls a leading SIP open standard IP-PBX system that is highly efficient and offers an array of traditional and advanced features and applications from a single, highly integrated appliance. Zultys’ “all in one” design packs many features into a single server, eliminating the need for additional external servers to support fax, call recording, visual voice mail, ICC, ACD, and other critical services that come standard on all Zultys IP-PBX products.

“snom phones serve as a great complement to our IP-PBX platforms and mesh well with our philosophy of enabling our customers to tailor their Unified Communications system to their own unique needs by leveraging the global SIP ecosystem,” said Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys. “While Zultys provides a complete solution, interoperability with snom gives users more choice in how they deploy their end-to-end telephony system.”

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