Inova Contact Center Solutions Now Windows 7 Compatible

Inova Solutions says its client-side contact center solutions are now compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. Inova Broadcaster and Inova Desktop Presenter are tools that display metrics and messages on digital signage and call center agent desktops, respectively. Inova says this new compatibility allows its customers the option to upgrade computers throughout the center while continuing to utilize the contact center programs they depend on.

Inova Solutions follows the Agile software development methodology, releasing new features and upgrades to products every three weeks.

The Agile methodology we use at Inova Solutions allows us to quickly adapt our products to meet market needs,” said Larry Moulis, CTO at Inova. Were also able to build features our customers request while maintaining a long-term, strategic focus on product development.”

Market exploration conducted by Inova shows that many contact centers are beginning to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 because the new system is more secure, manageable and responsive. Contact centers investing in technology are likely to have Windows 7 installed on new computers so desktop messaging and digital signage software must continue to work flawlessly on the new system.

Ad-hoc and threshold messages, as well as real-time metrics and charts, can be viewed on agent desktops and digital signage for maximum impact and self-direction. Inova Solutions says its new compatibility with Windows 7 allows more contact centers to communicate effectively with agents and enhance productivity.

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