Facebook: Hated as Much as Airlines, Cable Companies

Has the bloom worn off the Facebook rose? If you think Facebook is on par with airlines and cable companies, then the answer is yes, according to the 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI, E-Business Report.

The study found that Facebook, the social media giant, ranks as low as the airlines and cable pay-TV, in consumers views. That amounted to Facebook sitting in the bottom 5 percent of all measured private-sector companies, ACSI said. All told, Facebook scored 64 points on a 100-point scale a D in academia for its notorious privacy issues, frequent site changes and commercialization and advertising [that] adversely affect the consumer experience, said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results, the agency that helped ACSI produce its latest report.

The findings, Freed said, came as a shock.

Facebook is a phenomenal success, so we were not expecting to see it score so poorly with consumers, he said.

Indeed, Facebook came in just one point above dwindling rival MySpace, which seemed to fall out of favor with Web users faster than Mark Zuckerberg could tick off old friends.

The other social media sites measured for the first time by ACSI included Wikipedia and YouTube. Wikipedia landed a score of 77 and YouTube followed at 73.

So, it looks like consumers kinda hate Facebook. But they still use it. Just like they have to fly and watch Mad Men.


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