Oh No! Whoopi Goldberg Murders iPhone

A longtime fan of Apple products, actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg says she murdered” her new iPhone. And her complaints go way beyond the Antennagate” problems outlined in a press conference last week.

Commenting today on The View,” Goldberg said she ran out of patience when the phone supposedly deleted some of her e-mail and failed to receive some other messages.

So she did what many have felt like doing over the past couple of weeks  she threw her new iPhone 4 out her car window and smashed it on the sidewalk. Not sure if she was being melodramatic or not.

Apple announced last week that it would be offering a free, thin case to customers who were experiencing reception problems due to the placement of the antenna in the device. Simply putting your finger on the wrong spot on the phone could result in a dropped call.

Despite the fixes, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said complaints were few and far between, blaming the media for blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Looks like the medias at it again, Steve, but this time its about more than just an antenna.

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