Speculation Rampant as Apple Calls iPhone 4 Press Conference

The tech world is abuzz with Apple Inc.s hasty gathering of the press corps for tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Cupertino.

Some say the iPhone maker under fire for faulty signal reception in the iPhone 4 will roll out CEO Steve Jobs to reiterate that theres nothing a little duct tape and new software wont fix. Others predict Apple is ready to distribute bumper cases to iPhone 4 users. Still others foresee an iPhone 4 recall in Apples future.

Whatever Apples intent, the company is staying mum. The PR team is cryptically telling the reporters theyve called that the press conference has to do with the iPhone 4. Thats it. And for journalists on the East Coast, thats quite a gamble pay a lot of money to fly to California for Fridays event and take the chance itll turn out a non-story? Because theres a lot of speculation Apple will use the press conference to spin the problems to its advantage and, in essence, do nothing.

That Apple is acting on the iPhone 4 debacle this late comes as a surprise. The company keeps a tight lid on its image and that grip this week spun out of control once Consumer Reports said it couldnt recommend buying the latest iPhone. And after that, a betting company in Ireland said odds are good Apple will issue a recall and David Letterman started mocking the iPhone maker.

If Apple had addressed the antenna problems a couple of weeks ago with more than an open letter to users about software and how to hold the iPhone 4, it probably wouldnt be in this mess now. And it wouldnt be dealing with snarky comments such as the one from archenemy Microsoft. On Wednesday, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner told a conference audience the iPhone 4 looks like [Apples] Vista, and Im okay with that.

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