HP Drops Android Tablet Project Reports

Its a blow to fans of the Android operating system.

Numerous sites are reporting that HP, which was developing an Android-based tablet computer for release later this year, has abandoned the project.

We first told you about HPs tablet plans in April, but those have obviously changed since purchasing Palm shortly thereafter. So it comes as little surprise that the company is now reportedly focusing on producing a tablet using Palms webOS.

It was believed that HP was actually working on three different tablets for a while, including a Windows 7 version. But now it appears consolidation of resources and a dedication to its newly purchased operating system have won out. The Windows 7 version was set aside a few weeks ago.

Apples iPad has clearly set the bar in the tablet sector, recording huge sales in its first three months of release. Android tablets arent selling that well, likely due to the massive difference in apps available when compared to the iPad. So developing the first webOS slate might be an opportunity for HP to be successful in a new market.

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